* Registration for the 22nd annual Åre Extreme Challenge (30 June 2018) opens in September

Åre Extreme Challenge started in 1997 and is Scandinavia’s first and oldest multisport race.

The course showcases the majestic scenery around the Swedish mountain town of Åre, and includes kayaking, trail running, and mountain biking. A classic “man vs. nature” event that features dramatic waterfalls, deep green forests, and a cozy mountain town. The race attracts 600 elite and recreational athletes every summer.

Race week 2017 consists of three events:

  1. ÅEC Whitewater Race (29 June): A 5 km kayak race in the rapids
  2. ÅEC Kidz (30 June): A multisport event for kids
  3. Åre Extreme Challenge (1 July): Main event – paddling, running, cycling

Åre Extreme Challenge is the Open European Championship in Multisport for the Men’s and Women’s solo class.

If you are looking for a team or a teammate for the 2017 race click here

Let nature challenge you

The course will test you physically while also challenging your views on the value of nature and the urgent need to protect our last wild places.