Frequently asked questions about Haglöfs Åre Extreme Challenge

Which model of kayak should I use?

The most important is to choose a kayak you feel comfortable in and has a balance of speed and stability for your own capacity.

Should I use poles during the running?

It all depends on what you are used to. Personally I think it is great with poles and they give a lot of help. There are also thoose who do not use poles and are some of the fastest. No matter what you choose the most important is to train the same you are going to race.

Can I use a climbing helmet during the kayaking leg?

No you can not use a climbing helmet for the kayaking. We allow whitewater helmets and ice hockey helmets. See the rules.

Can I change kayak during the kayaking leg?

No it is not allowed to change kayak during the kayak leg.

Can I rent a kayak in Åre?

Yes you can but there are only a few kayaks for rent. Below are contact info to two rental places.

Can I rent a mountainbike in Åre?

Yes there are a few rental places for bikes. Below are contact in to three of them.

Is it permitted to use a towing line in the Duo category?


Is the organised scouting of the river a white water course?

No it is only a scouting trip of the rapids with a guide.

When do I present the certificate that I have done a white water course or a white water safety course?

You will present that at the race office when you collect your racebib.

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