Åre Extreme Challenge includes the following:


25 km of whitewater and lake kayaking (Solo category) or 18 km of lake kajaking (Duo and Relay category). Wind and water levels can make this section unpredictable.


15 km mountain running from Åre (400 m) to the top of Åreskutan (1420 m) and back down to Huså. Technical and steep, the trail exposes racers to the elements on the rocky summit.

Mountain biking

32 km back to Åre’s town square through beautiful forests, over challenging climbs, and on technical single-track trails. Don’t expect much asphalt.

Kayaking 25/18 km

The paddling for the RIVER CLASS includes class 2 rapids, moving water, and lake paddling. There are two compulsory portages past the dangerous rapids: Forsaforsen (200 m portage) and Tegeforsen (300-400 m portage). The last section is 5 km across Åre Lake plus a final portage (200 m) up to the kayak drop-off.

The paddling section for LAKE CLASS is on Åre Lake. It is an “on-water” start just off-shore from Åre beach and covers 18 km in total. It includes one portage in the middle (200 m) plus a final portage up to the kajak drop-off (200 m). Lake Åre is vulnerable to high winds and rapidly changing weather – choose your kayak appropriately.


Running 15 km

The run starts near Åre town center and climbs 1,000 meters/5 km to the summit of Åreskutan via the summer trail under the Tott Ski lift and over Lillskutan to Åreskutan’s summit (1420 m). The descent covers 10 km to Gruvbacken in Huså on the northern side of Åreskutan.

The route is marked on race day with ribbons, but we STRONGLY advise that all competitors understand the trail system, trail markers and can orienteer if there is bad visibility. In fine weather there is a magnificent view from Åreskutan. Spectators are encouraged to take the cable car up to 1,240 m and walk the final 1 km to the top to cheer on competitors at the checkpoint at Toppstugan.


Mountain biking 32 km

The route begins on a forest jeep trail parallel with the Huså road and, after crossing the gravel road towards Björnen, climbs on a snow-mobile trail (technical single track). The trail goes up and over the hill to the old Fröå Mine where it crosses the road again. It then follows narrow gravel roads and a XC ski track before climbing steeply towards Åreskutan. It then descends to the town of Åre via a technical single track trail along the power lines. The final push comes after passing Tott Hotel, where riders ascend a very tough climb across the ski hill and then descend down one of Åre’s finest downhill mountain bike trail. A short asphalt road takes you to the finish.

The total elevation gain is just over 700 meters and is particularly demanding for solo competitors who have tired legs after running over the mountain. Be careful and observant of walkers on the trails and of car traffic on the roads. Swedish traffic rules must be followed.

The full course

  • Click here for the full course using Suunto Movescount. Note: this shows the RIVER CLASS course includes river paddling (the LAKE CLASS paddles the lake instead)
  • Click here for a map over the whole course in Google-maps