About the Åre Extreme Challenge Multisport Race

In the summer of 1997, a handful of competitors gathered in the land of the midnight sun. They followed a course that still exists today: 25 km of whitewater paddling, a 15 km run over the highest peak, and 30 km of technical mountain bike trails. Today, elite athletes compete for prize money and reach the finish in under five-hours. The vast majority of ‘weekend warriors’ fight for 6 to 10 hours before collapsing in the town square of Sweden’s most iconic mountain village.

Åre Extreme Challenge is the Nordic’s oldest adventure race and the Open European Championship in Multisport.

Our slogan “Let Nature Challenge You” dares participants to reach outside their comfort zone. Our events highlight the magic of human endurance in the face of wilderness, unpredictable weather and the elements that we cannot control. In the process, competitors gain surprising insight into human resilience and an appreciation for nature and the inspiration she provides.

Racing classes

Participants can choose between four different classes:

  • RIVER CLASS SOLO (Elite Women/Men or Senior Women/Men): Individual completes entire course, which includes paddling in Class II rapids and the lake (25 km), running over Mt. Åreskutan (15 km), and mountain biking back to Åre town square (32 km). Read about the required whitewater paddling skills here.
  • LAKE CLASS SOLO (Women/Men): Individual completes entire course, just as the RIVER CLASS SOLO, but with paddling on the lake (18 km) instead of the class II rapids, running over Mt. Åreskutan (15 km), and mountain biking back to Åre town square (32 km).
  • LAKE CLASS DUO (Women/Mix/Men): Two teammates complete the entire course together and must cross the finish line at the same time. The clocks stops when the last participant crosses the line. Paddling is on the lake (18 km), running over Mt. Åreskutan (15 km), and mountain biking back to Åre town square (32 km). Click here if you are looking for a teammate.
  • LAKE CLASS TEAM RELAY (Women/Mix/Men): A kayaker, runner, and cyclist pass the baton across sections. The change of teammates occurs in the two transition areas. The kayaker paddles the lake (18 km), the runner runs over Mt. Åreskutan (15 km), and mountain biker rides back to Åre town square (32 km). Click here if you are looking for a teammate.

Which racing class is for you?

Who we are

We are two race directors — an American and a Dane that took over Sweden’s first and largest multisport in 2016:

Scott Cole races internationally in multisport and has participated in ÅEC 9 times, winning in 2012. He is a well-recognized profile and endurance athlete in Sweden and works as an endurance coach, inspirational speaker, and event-organizer. As an environmental economist he also advises public and private decision-makers on how to better account for the value of ecosystem services.

Henrik Weile has been part of the race leadership since 2005. He has a long career as a Naval Officer in the Royal Danish Navy and currently works as the manager of a grocery store that specializes in cross-border trade with Norway. He has organized race events for over 20 years.