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Travel & stay



Most of the participants in Haglöfs Åre Extreme Challenge are travelling by car to Åre as they are using their own equipment Extreme. But for those who are renting their equipment you can choose either train, bus, or airplane.

We recomend you who wishes to travel together to coordinate yourselves on the group Haglöfs Åre Extreme Challenge on facebook. Facebook



Holiday Club
Double room, triple room or  2 adulst and 2 kids price 1395 Skr, including breakfast and entrance to the pool area.

Holiday Club phone. +46 647 120 00 or booking online

For you who like to cook your own food and stay in a house or appartment pleas book at Skistar. Visit their website Skistar
If you wish to camp or bring your caravan you can stay at Åre camping

Everything  you want to know about Åre visit the websiteÅre 360


We would like to remind you that this race includes white water kayaking, be able to read a map even though it is a marked course as the running is on a mountain that can have rough weather. If you feel insecure do prepare well so you have basic knowledge in all disciplines. Kajaktiv and Äventyrligt are organising white water courses designed for the kayaking section.


James Venimore that started HÅEC has developed 4 different courses for all participants, from a 3 hour course to a 3 days course that includes kayak rental for the race. Contact Kajaktiv by email info@kajaktiv.se


Stefan Jarhed that has been responsible for the safety during the kayak section offers 2 different courses designed for HÅEC 1 day course and 2 day course.  You can book this by emailing info@aventyrligt.se