2017.12.28.  Welcome to Åre Extreme Challenge’s Tutorial Thursday — a series of 12 films to be released from January to June 2018 that focus on training and preparation.  The films are aimed at both multisport rookies and returning veterans.

These short films are based on personal experiences of participating in the Åre Extreme Challenge and we hope they will inspire you to find your own way to #letnaturechallengeyou. See you on the starting line on 30 June 2018!

Schedule for #TutorialThursdayAEC

Other topics to be covered (Email us with tips for topics you think should be covered):

  • Designing a training plan
  • Finding time to train with a busy lifestyle
  • Nutrition – What to eat before and during a race
  • Running – Uphill and downhill
  • Flatwater paddling technique
  • Whitewater paddling