Åre Extreme Challenge, 27 June 2020Let nature challenge you

  • Changes to the crew organizing ÅEC

    The crew behind Åre Extreme Challenge (ÅEC) regroups for the 2020 competition. Scott Cole has stepped down, to focus on his family life, his own business in environmental economics and the priorities that follow with it. Henrik Weile and Martin Rask stays on with the addition of two Anders.

    Read about the crew here

ÅEC 25-27 juni 2020 - Welcome to Åre - Swedens National Arena in multisport

In the week after midsummer Åre transforms into Swedens capital of multisport. It starts  with ÅEC - Åre Extreme Challenge, a race that since 1997 gathered athletes from all over the world to challenge the forces of nature.

In ÅEC you compete in:

  • Whitewater (or lake) paddling
  • Mountain running over the peak of Åreskutan
  • Mountainbiking back to the finnish in Åre Square

There are several classes with varying distances and the possibility to compete in ÅEC Run-N-Bike, where you leave out the paddling. There is also a kids race - ÅEC Kidz.

The prize money sums up to a total of 3,500 Euro.

Race film from 29 June 2019

Race wee consists of three events:

  1. ÅEC Kidz Event: A multisport event for kids
  2. ÅEC Run-N-Bike: Multisport event consisting of 16 km running + 30 km biking
  3. Åre Extreme Challenge: The main event – paddling, running, cycling

Åre Extreme Challenge is the Open European Championship in Multisport and offers 3,500 EURO in prize money to the top 3 Men and Women in RIVER CLASS Elite.

Let nature challenge you

The course will test you physically while also challenging your views on the value of nature and the urgent need to protect our last wild places.

Registration for the 24th annual Åre Extreme Challenge, 27 June 2020 is now open! 

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