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Changes to the crew organizing ÅEC
The crew behind Åre Extreme Challenge (ÅEC) regroups for the 2020 competition. Scott Cole has stepped down, to focus on his family life, his own business in environmental economics and the priorities that follow with it. Henrik Weile and Martin Rask stays on with the addition of two Anders.  All four guys live in the small village of Duved, just outside Åre.

Want to join our team?

The race organization is looking for volunteers that can help between Wednesday and Sunday of Race Week (either individual days or several days). Kontakta Matilda via email.


Partner + Race Director 

Henrik has been part of the race leadership since 2005. He has a long career as a Naval Officer in the Royal Danish Navy and currently works as the manager of a grocery store that specializes in cross-border trade with Norway. He has organized race events for over 20 years.


+46 70 380 36 23



Martin moved to Åre in 2017 to get closer to nature.  He works with energy and water/sewage and has sustainability as a guiding star. He loves adrenaline kicks from skiing, mountain running or when a trout catches a dry fly in one of Jämtland's flowing streams.


+ 46 70 222 21 48 


Partner + Race Course & Branding

Anders Nordström is a trailrunner, founder of Åda Wild Boar Race, Fottrappan and Folke & Company. He was a co-product developer of Vivobarefoots Trail series and he raced in ÅEC 2012 and 2013.

Anders moved up to Åre 2019 and actually co-founded the first Run N Bike-race with Scott Cole back in 2014/2015.


+46 70 777 24 31


Partner + Race Office + Sponsor Contact

Anders Wiblom has a long history in the tourism industry. His heart is in the mountains in general and in the little village of Duved in particular. He has been a man-behind-the-scenes in high-level alpine events and outside of ÅEC he works with the Vålådalen Mountain Station.

Anders has the longest background in Duved out of this crew. He entered the team in 2019, as Head of the Race Office.


+46 70 520 38 33


Matilda Tiller Romner 

Head of Volunteers 

Matilda moved to Duved 2017, and loves everything nature has to offer here; be it summer or winter. She is originally from Skåne and has now found her place here in beautiful Jämtland. When she is not working on ÅEC, she is working as a translator and loves learning new languages. Her favourite activities here in Åre is skiing, MTB and kayaking. 

Email to Matilda

The Registration for the 24th edition of Åre Extreme Challenge, July 1st to 3rd 2021 is open!

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