Take the Challenge: Become an "ÅEC Biz Adventure" company!

* Invest in your employees 
* Use nature as a playground
* Sign up your company to the 2019 challenge!

ÅEC Biz Adventure is an employee health program that mixes adventure, nature, and teamwork.  Read more below (eller på svenska här)

What is ÅEC Biz Adventure?

For active companies looking for adventure and travel to Northern Sweden, this employee health package includes inspiration, training tips, and workshops.  It's designed for all types of employees, not just extreme athletes. We have something for everybody, including: 

  • Those wishing to compete in ÅEC or Run N Bike 
  • Those who want to bring the family to compete in ÅEC Kidz Event
  • Those who want to be on the "crew" to support and cheer the athletes on race day
  • Those keen to find their own adventure - hiking, renting a kayak, or using an e-bike 

The package can be adjusted to fit your needs, from fall 2018 to fall 2019, for companies with 10 employees or several hundred.

Sound right for your company?  Send us en email to learn more 

    ** Hey Racers - read about how to convince your boss to sign up for Biz Adventure. in Swedish


What's included?

  • race entries
  • inspiration
  • workshops on training and wellness
  • training programs
  • on-line apps to track, measure, and improve employee health  
  • support with accommodation, equipment rental, and other logistics
  • exposure and story-telling opportunities for your company's social media.

Send us an email to learn more. 



Invest in your employees and help them find their own motivation. Rely on nature as a multifaceted playground. Activate co-workers and your important customers in a way that makes them feel included — and inspired.

Connect your company's values to Åre Extreme Challenge’s brand:

  • Our events highlight the magic of human endurance in the face of wilderness, unpredictable weather and the elements that we cannot control. In crossing "their" finish line, our participants gain surprising insight into human resilience, nature and the inspiration she provides.

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