Training events in cooperation with ÅEC

Give multisport a try or challenge your skills at one of our training events. In 2019 we offer several events across the country where you can meet others, find training partners and, for those who thrive on competition, race against the clock. 

Read more below about these events between April and June 2019!  And see our Facebook Calendar.

(1) Åre Pre Race    (paddling + running +  mountain biking)

Show up as you  are -- no fitness requirements needed! Choose only one of the 3 laps if you wish, or do several. Events in the spring in Stockholm, Göteborg, Uppsala och Eskiltuna.  ÅPR is the ultimate warm-up before ÅEC and costs nothing!  We thank Jörgen Kard from Kajaksidan for this great event!

2019 Calendar

  1. Tuesday 16/4 - Träningstillfälle, STO*
  2. Thursday 2/5 - Träningstillfälle, STO*
  3. Wednesday 8/5  - Rådsjön,  GBG (NOTE- UPDATED. Race will not be on 30/4.)
  4. Sunday 19/5 - “Full skala”, STO*
  5. Thursday 23/5 – Vilsta, ESKILTUNA
  6. Monday 27/5  - Träningstillfälle, STO*
  7. Monday 10/6  - Rådsjön, GBG (NOTE - UPDATED. Race will not be on 21/5.)
  8. Thursday 13/6 – Vilsta, ESKILTUNA
  9. Sunday 16/6 Start  - “Full skala”, STO*

* 2019 events in Stockholm offer both “träningstillfälle” (with only a person guarding the bikes) and “full skala” with a BBQ, hot dogs, marked course, race center, prizes and chance to borrow a kayak for free.   

More info

Read more and sign up via All events can also be found under ÅEC's Facebook events page.   

(2) Run N Bike Training Race     (running + mountain biking)

A training race for those who want to try multisport or test their form before ÅEC 2019. The course will include 5 - 6 km trail running + 15 km MTB.  Events are planned in both Östersund and Stockholm and registration information can be find via Facebook Event below.  Thanks to Beast Mode OCR for their cooperation!

2019 Calendar 

  1. 30/3 Ekerö 9:00
  2. 27/4 Ekerö 09:00.  STO
  3. 15/5  Fugelsta 18.00
. ÖSD  FB event info
  4. 28/5  Hammarbybacken 18:00. STO 
  5. 5/6   Fugelsta 18.00. ÖSD  FB event info


More info

Read more here. All events can also be found under ÅEC's Facebook events page.    

(3) Run N Bike "Brick Pass"   (running + mountain biking)

Experience the running and biking sections of ÅEC with our ambassader Sara Hulth. Perfect for those who will compete in the new ÅEC Run N Bike race or ÅEC 2019 and want to train on the course.

When? 8 June 2019. 9.30

Where? Gathering at Draklanda in Åre. We will help organize bike transport to the transition area in Huså. Read more and sign up through our Facebook event page here. Spots are limited.

Read about Sara here. See the running map here.

(4) Kajaktiv River Race

A 12 km whitewater race with conditions very similar to the ÅEC course. Perfect for those competing in ÅEC RIVER CLASS.

When? The weekend 7-9 June 2019. Exact time announced in the spring. 

Where? Dala-Floda, 2.5 hrs from Stockholm. Tips - take the train from Stockholm and rent a kayak from Kajaktiv. 

Read more about 2018 event here. Sign up for 2019 through Facebook on ÅEC's Facebook events page.