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    Running with poles - 23 May 2019

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We've collected some tips to inspire and motivate your ÅEC training!

Short film series with training tips - Tutorial Thursday

Don’t miss our short Tutorial Thursday films based on personal experiences of participating in the Åre Extreme Challenge.  

Traning race - Åre Pre Race

Give multisport a test, or challenge yourself, at a series of training races in the spring in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Uppsala.  All races are free!  Read more about Åre Pre Race.

Read more here about other multisport races in Sweden and abroad. 


Many racers work with endurance coaches to develop a training plan during the winter and in preparation for the race. 

  • “Give it a go” – Multisport with Coach Lekhagen! We believe that those who feel unprepared are less likely to “give it a go.” Therefore, instead of focusing on paddle or run technique, we discuss the other details you need to succeed in a multisport race. You can find us in Stockholm and we’re happy to teach in English. Read more about our program (in Swedish) at or shoot us an email in English to


  • Kajaktiv is a large kayak store located in Dala-Floda (2.5 hr train ride from Stockholm) that also arranges whitewater paddling courses for ÅEC competitors in May and June (Dala-Floda) and during race week (Åre). The kayak center and on-line store offers everything from kayaks to accessories.   James Venimore, who started ÅEC 21 years ago, has developed 4 different courses ranging from 3 hrs to 3 days. The company also offers kayak rental for race day. Read more at
  • Äventyrligt is responsible for water safety during the race and also organizes flatwater and whitewater paddling courses in Åre, ranging from 1.5 hours to 2 days. Stefan Jarhed, who runs the company and has been part of the event since 2004, has local knowledge of the area. The company rents kayaks for the race. Read more at
  • Kajaksidan. A fully equipped paddling store in Stockholm. In addition to kayaks, surfskis, dry suits, and other gear for ÅEC, the company also offers courses in paddle technique with  Jörgen Kard (a past winner of the paddle section of ÅEC). The company hires stable and fast kayaks from WorldKayaks. The store is open 6 days a week and organizes the Åre Pre-Rac training race in the spring. Read more at
  • Kajakspecialisten. A complete surfski store in Stockholm with paddle technique courses for both beginners and intermediate (surfski, wing paddle, and clothes included in rental). Max 5 participants per course, with teachers from the Swedish National Paddling Team. Those who become members also have access to surfski, paddles, PFDs, and the possibility to rent equipment for ÅEC. Read more in Swedish at or contact via email in English at
  • Paddling Stockholm. Offers courses in whitewater paddling and eskimo-roll training in Central Stockholm – day, night, or evening. You can choose the time that suits and receive one-on-one training or train in a group with your ÅEC team.  Read more at
  • Escape Outdoors. Coaching and kayaks by Johan Wagner, who is a UKCC Coach level 2, as well as a competitive mountain and trail runner. His kayak club in Önnered (near Gothenburg) offers competitive prices for kayak rentals and paddle technique classes. Read more at
  • Surfski camps have courses for beginners to experts.They offer training in both lakes and on the ocean in the south of Sweden. Contact them at or visit their website.


An effective runner is one that holds together in the long run.  Despite the fact that we are all “born to run”, runners tend to be injured at very high rates, mostly due to bad technique.  Two companies that offer trail running technique courses include:

  • Born to Run (BTR) Scandinavia, run by three BTR master coaches (Gourgen Gevorgyan, Joseph Stone, and Scott Cole) offer world leading workshops developed by Lee Saxby in running and coaching. Their coaching is for runners looking to become stronger, faster and injury free. Workshops are available in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. Read more at

Mountain Bike

The jump from road cycling to mountain bike is not as drastic as many think. But some basic tips will make the transition smooth … and ensure that you “keep the rubber side down.”

  • Cykling Deluxe organizes mountain bike technique courses in Jämtland (not far from Åre). In 2017 they will arrange courses for beginners and intermediate riders who wish to improve their trail riding and downhill technique. In May 2017 they will arrange a 3 day weekend course aimed at women preparing for ÅEC (includes on-course training). More info (in Swedish) coming to  Or contact via email in English at
  • Snell Sport & Hälsa based in Östersund organizes spring courses for new MTB-ers aiming to complete ÅEC. Jügen Snell is a competitive cyclist that has completed the 90 km “Cykelvassa@ five times. He’s also a massage therapist and can help with tight muscles. Contact Jürgen at or