Tutorial Thursday Training Films

A series of short films that focus on training and race preparation aimed at both multisport rookies and returning veterans.

The films are based on personal experiences of participating in ÅEC. Some of the films are produced by ÅEC, while others are created and developed by ÅEC ambassadors.  Let nature challenge you! 

Featured film (14 March 2019)

Earlier films 

#0 Introduction (7 Feb 2019)

#1 Winter biking (14 Feb 2019)

#2 headlamp training (21 Feb 2019)

#3 winter paddling (27 Feb 2019)

#4 run technique (6 Mar 2019)

#5 Kajak Ergo (14 Mar 2019)

Future Films - Spring 2019

Endurance training I - Common mistakes 
Endurance training II - measuring efficiency
Endurance training III -  DIY träningsplan
Find the time to train 
Running uphill 
River tips with Kajaktiv 
Running with poles 
Paddle technique  
MTB technique with Robert Lindberg 

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