We honor the faithful, the fit, and the stubborn

The ÅEC Year Club honors individuals who have competed at ÅEC for 10, 15 or 20 years. Without their efforts — from river to lake, valley to peak, village to trail, start to finish — this event would never have had the endurance to last 21 years.

In addition to the dedicated athletes that return year after year, we also honor volunteers, supporters, sponsors and other organizations that have made ÅEC into the event it is today.

Help us! Help us keep these lists accurate by emailing us. To be eligible, you must have competed, volunteered or supported ÅEC for 10 years or more. (Competitors with bad memories might want to review this link to see all results since 1997).

Competed at least 20 times*

Staffan Ahltin, Bjärred, Sweden

(Pic 2006)

Patrik Svensson, Falun, Sweden

(Pic 2010)

Ronny Larson, Lit, Sweden

(Pic 1999)

Competed at least 15 times*

  • John Anden, Lindås
  • Jari Palonen, Nacka
  • Ola Olsson, Åby
  • Hans Nystedt, Stockholm
  • Peter Röök, Stockholm

Competed at least 10 times*

  • Magnus Söderström, Västra Frölund
  • Fredrik Söderström, Lidköping
  • Leif Sundman, Gävle
  • Luiz Nunez, Johanneshov
  • Patrik Ring, Trollhättan
  • Anton Lidblad, Uppsala
  • Martin Flinta, Mölndahl (5 time winner in the Solo Class)


Volunteers, supporters, sponsors and other organizations

  • Henrik Weile, volunteer and race director since 2004
  • Mats Skott (formerly Andersson) and Natasha Skott, race directors 2004-2016 (Mats also competed 1998)
  • Haglöfs Clothing, Title Sponsor 2004-2016 

The Registration for the 24th edition of Åre Extreme Challenge, July 1st to 3rd 2021 is open!

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