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Course race record and "love" at the finish

2017 was hot.  Almost 30 degrees C (90 F) at the finish line at Åre Town square. Volunteers greeted each racer with a splash of water and a cold beer from Nordic Kiwi Brewers. The solo class was unable to paddle the river due to high water levels, but this was an impetus for a rule change in 2018 that will require better whitewater paddling knowledge from all participants in the RIVER CLASS. It also led to the creation of the new LAKE CLASS Solo division for competitors who want the challenge, but not the rapids.
New race directors Scott Cole and Henrik Weile introduced two new events in 2017:  ÅEC Kidz and ÅEC Paddling  - events that will be continued in 2018. 
Emil Dahlkvist and Malin Hjalmarsson were both first-time winners of the ÅEC Solo Class. Emil edged out Jari Palonen by a minute.  Third place Fredrik Lindström returned to race for the first time in 10 years (his last appearance in 2006 he won!). 
"Great feeling at the finish line, not least because none of my gear broke!” said Malin afterwards. 
Jari Palonen set a new course record on the bike leg (1.37.20).
Anders Södergren, an international XC-ski star from Sweden, anchored the bike leg of Team "I can quit when I want" and helped set a new course record for the Team Relay Class (4.39.33)
At the finish line the most unexpected happening was a wedding proposal.  Competing at ÅEC can apparently make people do great things!   Check out the proposal video.
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