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Low water, but high spirits!

The year ÅEC got a face lift! From the new race cars to the new race hotel to the new course to the course changes, this well-established Scandinavia adventure race got a new look! And it started with a new website in March 2018 (thanks to Obviuse for this huge contribution!).

Once again mother nature had other plans. Ironically, after rule changes in 2017 aimed at improving the chance for RIVER CLASS participants to paddle the river even when levels were high, Mother Nature blind-sided race management with the unexpected: water levels were too low! The potential damage to boats, together with the risk of too many kayakers trying to squeeze through a small passage, led Race Management to choose the lake instead.

After a cold and windy start at Draklanda, temperatures rose and the wind died. A warm finish line greeted competitors, who enjoyed a nice cold one from Nordic Kiwi Brewers.

Robert Lindberg won the RIVER CLASS male for the third time. The 42 year-old was uncertain if he had the speed in the legs. The answer was decisive.

Marika Wagner treated the crowd to an exciting finish in the RIVER CLASS female. After transitioning 6 minutes behind the leader Marie Nilsson at Huså, she came back to win by 17 seconds, making a surge at the end. She enjoyed the champagne shower at the finish.

Over 200 prizes were awarded to 12 different classes (thanks to our sponsors for a great prize table!). First-time winners of the new LAKE CLASS category were Caroline Bengtsson (female) and Jonas Petruson (male). Congrats!


What was new in 2018?

  • A new title sponsor Mercedes Benz provided resources to help us with the “face lift” –including a 3,000 EURO purse to the RIVER CLASS Elite.
  • A new race hotel, decked out with a Mercedes X Class in the lobby, was also the location for the Friday Race Meeting and Saturday Banquet / Prize-giving. Thanks to Copperhill Mountain Lodge for a cozy spot, good food, and great service!
  • The new LAKE CLASS solo category attracted 80 participants, which resulted in a total of over 200 solo competitors. We are very excited about this development and hope this will encourage more participants to let nature challenge them!
  • We doubled the number of participants at the Lundstams ÅEC Kidz Event, hosted by Copperhill. We got over 100 youngsters into the woods – can we reach 200 in 2019?
  • ÅEC Paddle Race by NK – Nordic Kayaks jumped on as a new title sponsor, but mother nature (again!) had other plans. Wind gusts of up to 20 m/s pushed participants to the luxury Copperhill “Villa” instead for nice views, good beer, and a tasty BBQ. Maybe we should paddle next year?
  • We introduced personalized race jersey for every racer – and a select few received a special logo for being part of ÅEC’s 10, 15, or 20 year club.
  • Several racers came from (far!) outside Scandinavia, with Alex Hunt (Australia) just missing the win in the RIVER CLASS and others arriving from New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, Russia, France, Switzerland, the USA, and all the Nordic Countries.
  • We introduced a new transition area at Draklanda, which also featured a fun portage across the grass (racers burdened with heavy kayaks liked this change :). Altra provided an arch, which signaled the start of the Race within a Race “uphill runner” and fastest run competitions.
  • Transition area #2 in Huså, sponsored by Specialized, was upgraded to include bike racks, which was appreciated by both support crew and participants.
  • We welcomed a number of other new sponsors including C2 Vertical Safety and their Petzl, La Sportiva och Nite Izu brands. Nord Lock Group also jumped in as Silver sponsor. We also welcomed for the first time Outdoor Expertern, Coxa Carry, and Oofos sandals.


Overheard at ÅEC


  • I’ll take the kayak” -- Emilie Sjöström from Järpen who won the kayak from Kajaktiv at the prize lottery. The next day she purchased a wetsuit, a paddle, and life jacket. She and her best friend Eric are determined to return and finish strong in 2019. Go Team Muppets!
  • Is it bird, a plane … no it’s Superman!” A spectator upon seeing Patrik Svensson, a member of ÅEC’s 20 year club, sail across the finish line in style, as captured by our race film.
  • Can I get one of those?” August Gille and Melker Karlsson from Team Östhammar Young Generation (#908), turned 18 on race day and enjoyed not only the chance to race (after waiting many years and following their local superstar Jari Palonen), but also a cold (and legal!) Kiwi Brew at the finish! These experienced 19 year-olds will be back in 2019!
  • Go, Go, Go, Go ….” The volunteer who lost his voice because he just couldn’t stop cheering on the racers. Our team of volunteers was amazing!
  • Next year Nord-Lock Group (NLG) will have even more Team Relay entries!” Pär Hägglund, who lead team Nord-Lock Impossible Fast (#1105), talking about the excitement in the workplace on Monday morning, when the NLG relay teams shared their war stories about ÅEC. Looking forward to seeing more from Mattmar and Malmö 2019!

Hoping for a warm spring and high water in 2019!

Scott and Henrik

European Multisport Championship (RIVER CLASS elite)

1 Robert Lindberg, SWE 4:59:40
2 Simon Niemi, SWE 5:09:21
3 Björn Rydvall, SWE 5:10:53

*Alex Hunt came 2nd place, but is not included in Official European Championship rankings

1 Marika Wagner, SWE 5:43:16
2 Marie Nilsson, SWE 5:43:33
3 Marie Krysander, SWE 6:07:39

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Race reports from participants 

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