Åre Extreme Challenge

Åre Extreme Challenge is Scandinavia's first and oldest multisport adventure race and the Open European Championship in Multisport.  It attracts over 600 participants every year and offers 3,500 EURO in prize money to RIVER CLASS.

  • 25 km kayak paddle, whitewater and lake (option for 18 or 10 km)
  • 17 km mountain run
  • 30 km mountain bike

Elite endurance athletes, who compete for prize money and reach the finish in just under five-hours, share the same course with recreational athletes who fight for 6 to 10 hours — exhausted but invigorated.

Åre Extreme Challenge demands years of training to win. But the vast majority of competitors are recreational athletes and weekend warriors that take fantastic memories home from the beautiful course. Many enjoy the "team relay" option, where co-workers, friends, and family compete together. 

Read more about the history of the event here.

The Registration for the 24th edition of Åre Extreme Challenge, July 1st to 3rd 2021 is open!

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